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The ARA Media Auction is returning this year! The online auction is an opportunity for agencies, marketers, and the media to bid on donated media space and services. The funds raised will be used to support ARA activities and events throughout the year. In 2016, our media partners donated $128,000 in media and through the auction, ARA raised $22,000. This years auction will be taking place in the fall. We are wrapping up contributions and have to date received over $160,000 in donations.

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Deadline for Submission: November 2 Event: November15

Hello everyone,

Jaia Talisman here from Board of Directors of AD RODEO Special Events, looking for CEO’s, C.D.’s, Creatives, Producers, Programmers, Marketing Firms, Ad Agencies, & anyone who might go to The AD RODEO Anvil Awards that can do something that we don’t expect them to do for our night market.

For instance that Art Director that does Pottery on the side, that CEO who paints Wildlife Paintings, that Graphic Artist who paints cartoon characters on landscape paintings, a programmer who needlepoints like a madman or a Student from ACAD whose got mad skills at terrarium making and has a few to sell etc… With a portion of your sales we would like to put it forward to a very special charity still to be announced.

We ask kindly that you donate a portion of your sales, looking at 10% of, to be that portion as well as profits from the cash bar will be donated as well to announced charity. Last year we raised $1400.

If you know of that special someone who should come forward or be nominated to be part of this Night Market to show others just how creative they are and what they are capable they are and are interested to sell at the Night Market Collective called: “ALTERNATE LIVES” please have them call me or email me with a photo of them and their work, as well as their inspiration for their chosen craft.

We are looking to have this event Nov 15th. We want to showcase the many talents that you are capable of and just have an open space to sell, share stories and engage with those in the industry and inspire those that are coming too see what we have to show has meaning to it and to let them see that we’re no confined to a desk but can be multi-faceted and multi-talented and to just go for it! Especially since we’re seeing a lot of shy, timid and freaked out grads not knowing how their future will look in the beginning. Let’s show them our world of possibilities.

We are raising money for Children’s Hospital Mental Health Division.

Send submissions to events@adrodeo.com or call (587)888-4686. Please send large files to jtalisman@mac.com

You will be notified by email about your submission and if you were chosen to be part of the Night Market Collective “ALTERNATE LIVES”, as we strive for the bold, the beautiful and the bizarre!!!!! We want to see original, genuine, organic and computerized work!!! We want you to be excited about what this could mean for you, your friend, your ally, your comrade, your neighbor? Maybe this is their chance of a lifetime? Maybe this is just that push they needed. Or perhaps that moment you’ve needed to actually share a part of your life to make a difference in others lives?

I need you all to make this a successful event. “hello” event went so well, let’s make this one just as fantastic shall we?

Please pass this around from agency to agency to help me find these multi-talented fantastic artists that hide amongst the many. Expose them for who they really are and we shall promote their bidding!



Jaia Talisman

AD RODEO//Director of Special Events